About “The 2nd Airskoi World Koi Show”

 We are pleased to announce a global online koi show that you can easily join from the comfort of your home with just a smartphone. The event is scheduled for March 15-16, 2024, at the Futagotamagawa Rise Studio & Hall. Leveraging the AI “Airskoi,” which has learned from over 50,000 kois entries in previous competitions, we have made it possible to conduct the show online.
We aim to bring together koi enthusiasts, producers, and industry professionals from around the world to showcase the results of their breeding efforts. This event provides an opportunity for more people to easily participate in koi shows. Through this event, our goal is to expand the community of koi enthusiasts and promote international goodwill.
As indicated below, we will be hosting the world’s first koi show using the “Airskoi” AI app.