Scene from the koi show

The 53th All Japan Nishikigoi Show

After 19 sessions, the Taisho Sanshoku won the championship again!

At the 53rd All Japan Nishikigoi Show held at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center on January 28th and 29th, 2023, the Taisho Sanshoku exhibited by Mr. Yuan Jiandong (China) was selected from a total of 1,889 fish and won the grand champion. This koi created by Sakai Fish Farm Co., Ltd. in Hiroshima. Now it is 6 years old, 100cm long and has an impressive body shape and strong, shiny ink.

This year, the world’s first AI-judged online competition, “The 1st Airs Koi World Nishikigoi Show” was held, with 520 red and white entries from 11 countries. The grand champion was a 90 plus (93cm) Kohaku piece exhibited by Johnny Ng from Singapore. It was created by Dainichi Koi Farm Co., Ltd. in Ojiya City, Niigata , and has a rare four-tiered pattern.

39th All Japan Young Koi Show

Kohaku of Momotaro has climbed to the top!

The 39th All Japan Young Koi Show was held on March 25th and 26th, 2023. 1,894 Nishikigoi were exhibited at the Himeji Castle Otemae Park. The grand champion was Kouhaku 63, submitted by Vicha Poolvaraluk from Thailand. This koi is 3 years old,63cm long and created by Okayama Momotaro Koi in Okayama. At the last event, It won the Kokugyo Award in the 58th division. This is the company’s second award in two years.

Because this event is held at an international tourist destination that houses Himeji Castle, a national treasure, many tourists enjoyed seeing Nishikigoi.

The 10th International Junior Koi Show

Showa Sanshoku of Dainichi Koi Farm win the commemorative tournament!

The International Juvenile Koi Show, as the last of the three national events, was held on April 22nd and 23rd at the Ojiya City General Gymnasium. As this event has a rich international flavor, there were participants from 46 countries and regions, and 1,738 Nishikigoi decorated the venue. In this event, one fish will be selected from each of Category A (Gosanke) and B (breeds other than Gosanke), and then the champion will be determined by voting. The result was 24 to 7, and the 36th Showa Sanshoku exhibited by Mr. Benedict Campos (Philippines) in Category A became the winner. It was produced at Dainichi Koi Farm Co., Ltd. in Ojiya City, and it is 36 cm in current age. This was the first time for both Mr. Benedictsi and Dainichi Koi Farm to won this champion. In the B category, which unfortunately lost, was the 36th division Ginrin Kohaku, also submitted by Mr. Benedict, and this is going to be the second champion of the event. This koi is 35cm long, and produced by Maruyama Koi Farm in Yamanashi. Mr. Benedict’s other accomplishments included winning the Kokugyo Award in the Young Division, Comprehensive Mini Division, and the Kokugyo Award in the 30th and 27th divisions, he was the most active contestant in this event.
NTT East’s video utilization promotion team “V-TECHX” conducted a live broadcast of this event online and the “mochi pounding” was held by the “Higashiyama Five Pestle Mochi Preservation Association ”. The whole venue was surrounded by a festive atmosphere.