Valuable reasons

photo:yoshimura kazutoshi

“Many people may have the impression that koi are expensive”. In reality, it’s a mix of truth and misconception. Nishikigoi lay tens of thousands to several hundred thousand eggs in one spawning. Some breeders use over one hundred parents, resulting in millions of eggs.

To raise these fry, numerous ponds are required. Generally, a vast number of fry are selected three or four times during summer. Less than 0.5% of the fry survives before being transferred to the greenhouse in autumn. Subsequent ongoing selections result in only a few koi reaching the level required for sale. Natural disasters or diseases might further impact several koi. Also, the operation of numerous ponds and greenhouse facilities incurs enormous costs, increasing koi prices.

The probability of a koi reaching a price in the millions is less than 0.01% – approaching infinitesimally close to zero. As a result, the remaining koi become truly highly valuable, like diamonds. Yet not all jewels are diamonds. Koi priced in the millions are exceptional, and generally, those available for sale range from a thousand to ten thousand yen. There are also koi priced at less than a thousand yen. They may not compare to diamonds, but even the more affordable Nishikigoi are still Nishikigoi. Each one is a carefully chosen jewel, and no koi is like any other. This is one aspect of the inherent value of Nishikigoi itself.

Koi can be easily kept in an aquarium.
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