History of Nishikigoi show


In the 1960s, there were many Nishikigoi show held by breeders, dealers, and enthusiasts all over Japan. But even the large scale “Niigata Koi Show” in Niigata and the West Japan Airinkai show were not representative of the whole of Japan. At that time, a koi show was held at the Takanawa Prince Hotel in Shinagawa, sponsored by the “Tokyo Koi club” (chairman Tatsuro Tsuruta), which had been formed in Tokyo. At the venue, the owner Akira Sakurai (Kanagawa) put on a special display a Kohaku (63 cm) produced by Miyaishi Koi Farm, which won the Minister’s Award at the 7th Niigata Nishikigoi Show (1967). At that time, Mr. Mitsuo Takatsuki (Tokyo Color Koi) told Mr. Hideo Miya (Miyakoya Shoten), Mr. Yoshio Isa (Maruyo Koi Farm), and Hajime Watanabe (Jinbei) who had come from Niigata about the importance of “the national scale koi show and organization”. Since then, led by Mr. Hideo Miya, Niigata and other koi breeders across the country have united.
The first All Japan Nishikigoi Show was held in December 1968 at Hotel New Otani Garden Hall in Tokyo. After that, due to the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the organization have continue to rise,the “All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association” was officially established during the 2nd All Japan Nishikigoi Show in January 1970.

The 1st All Japan Nishikigoi Show


In March 1983, the first Nishikigoi Show was held at the Chuo Park Family Pool (Hiroshima) by the All Japan Nishikigoi industry group and sponsored by the All Japan Airinkai, under the name of the “All Japan Nishikigoi Junior Koi Show”. From the 3rd event, the name was changed to “All Japan Young Koi Show”, and it has been decided that Himeji Castle Otemae Park will be held as the venue from the 39th event in 2023.
In addition, it was decided that the headquarters of the Association would be responsible for the events that were previously held by the Association. This event can exhibit from 12 (within 12cm) to 63 (within 63cm) koi.


Due to the improvement of breeding techniques and breeding, koi have gradually become larger, but in recent years, in order to expand the fish tank breeding method and the number of koi enthusiast due to the influence of living environment, the industry has specially bred small koi under 36 cm. The show of small koi is also held by the promotion of Niigata.

The first event was held in 2013, and as befits its name, the number of participating countries has increased year by year. The 10th event was held in 2023, with the participation of 46 countries and regions, is a highly international appraisal event.