Examination criteria

Examination criteria

There are generally four criteria for evaluation: body shape, quality, finish, and pattern.


This is the most important item, especially the larger the adult koi, the larger the weight. It is important that there is no distortion and that the body lines are even on both sides. Also, koi that are plump and have a well-balanced amount of meat from the head to the tailpiece are highly valued.


Although it is difficult to describe in words, the scarlet spot is thick red, the ink is black, the skin is white, the more uniform and clear each color is, the higher the evaluation will be.


This item also depends on the physical condition of the koi at the time, and a koi with a shiny red or ink color and a white background as beautiful as white porcelain is said to have a “good finish”.


People have their own preference for patterns, but for red and white Koi, people tend to prefer round dots, three-tiered or four-tiered koi, and for Taisho Sanshoku, they tend to prefer koi with shoulder ink.